Range Rover Classic For Sale

Land Rover Range Rover Classic For SaleRange Rover Classic
1970 – 1996.

A true Classic! A good clean example still impresses today, regardless of its age. Two door models will cost you serious money, but all of them are now getting very sought after as off-road alterations claim many. Bodies rust quite badly and ill-maintained V8′s are very common, and some body and trim parts are getting very difficult to source. 200Tdi and 300Tdi examples make really great daily drivers.


3.5-litre V8 petrol, producing 125bhp and 185lb/ft torque.

1986 on
3.5 EFi, producing 165bhp and 206/lb ft.

1989 – 1996
3.9-litre EFi V8 petrol, producing 185 bhp, 235lb/ft or 4.2, 200bhp.

2.4-litre VM turbo diesel, producing 112bhp, 183lb/ft, later 119bhp 2.5. For Tdi see Discovery 1.


  • Project: £300 – £1,000
  • Average: £500 – £1,700
  • Good: £2,000 – £5,000
  • Excellent: £5,000 – £15,000+

Find listed below a comprehensive list of Range Rover Classic For Sale:

 Picture  Description  Price

Range Rover Classic

Price: £10000.0

Range Rover 2 door Turbo Diesel left hand drive

Price: £8450.0

1985 RANGE ROVER CLASSIC 3.5 V8 43,900 miles, 5 speed factory black

Price: £6995.0

3.9 V8 Turnkey Engine Hotwire EFi Land Range Rover Classic Kitcar MG MGB Stag

Price: £5750.0

Range Rover Classic Bobtail 4 door 4x4 off road

Price: £5500.0

Range Rover Classic LSE

Price: £5000.0


Price: £4995.0

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